My name is Kelly Lewis, this is my hubby Keith and our son Kingsley and we are currently expecting baby number 2. Keith and I started dating our sophomore year of high school and have been together ever since. My Husband was a Coast Guardsman for 4 years and is now a reservist. We recently moved back to our home town in California where we have purchased our first home. When I started this blog I had such big goals but since moving i’ve had a hard time being motivated. Thank you if you’ve stuck around during this weird period. I hope to get more consitant with blogging. I also want to use this blog to showcase some of the sessions I capture in one place!


Facts about me

>>My family is my everything

>>I love photography

>>I would adopt every animal if I could.

>>I started riding horses when I was 7 (had to stop at 18) and I hope to start again soon.

>>I didn’t get my license until I was 18

>> My favorite hot drink is a vanilla chai

>>My favorite way to vacation is on a cruise

>>I welcome new challenges

>>I could eat sushi every day (the best sushi I’ve ever had my sisters fiancé Mike made us).

>>my favorite dessert is cheesecake OR apple pie

>>My favorite animal is a camel