A Year Ago - April 2017


A year ago we went to this GORGEOUS field for our maternity photos. Monday we went to the same field to take Kingsley's cake smash photos for HIS FIRST BIRTHDAY!!! Not only did we get Kingsley's cake smash photos done but we also got a couple family photos taken!


In honor of having memories captured in the same field while I was pregnant with Kingsley to now I wanted to write a blog post about some of the things we said we wouldn't do as parents that we ACTUALLY do now that we are parents. (Let me just say we THOUGHT we were perfect parents BEFORE we had kids).

1. Our kid will not watch TV before 2 years old. 
  HAHAHA This one makes me laugh SO hard. Kingsley doesn't watch tv that often but some days mamas gotta do what she's gotta do to get stuff done around the house and that means sometimes I have to put on Moana for him. 

2. I am going to ONLY make our babies food. NO STORE BOUGHT! 
This one I felt so strongly about but I just couldn't get the motivation or energy to add that to my long list of things I need to do in a day. *GASP* I know I'm awful. Kingsley did eat store bought baby food until we started baby led weaning and now he eats what we eat.

3. My child will be on a STRICT schedule.
I believed this on so strongly because a ton of moms I talked to said schedule = happy baby! Well this isn't always true. For the first few months of Kingsley's life trying to put Kingsley on a schedule just made him MISERABLE. So Keith and I actually had to just adjust our schedule to Kingsley. now Kingy is on a schedule and he loves it. This just shows you need to listen to your baby personal needs.

4. I will EXCLUSIVELY breastfeed.
This one was a slap to my ego. I truly believed breastfeeding was the only way. UNTIL I had to do it myself and I discovered I had SEVERE DMER (check out my post on breastfeeding if you want to know more). Once I finally decided it was best for Kingsley and I to stop we truly started to bond more!!

5. We won't feed him any sugar until well after two.
This one we tried really hard to do but sugar is in EVERYTHING!! we made it to nine months without giving Kingsley sugar (Other than whats in fruit). 

Just because we ended up doing these things doesn't make us bad parents. What makes us good parents is that we try and we try HARD to do what is best for Kingsley!

Is there anything you said you wouldn't do as parent that you do now that you are a parent? or If you aren't a parent is there anything you think you won't do when you become a parent?