Taking time for self care isn't selfish + Teeth Whitening Review

Recently i’ve been talking to some of my mom friends and I discovered almost every single one of them have stopped putting themselves first. Which is completely understandable since the have little ones that need them for everything but a little self care isn’t selfish. I have struggled with putting some effort into myself ever since I got pregnant. Working out, pedicures, hair cuts, and teeth whitening all non existent. These past few months i’ve decided to start taking more time for myself and oh my goodness let me tell you I feel like a whole new person!! I no longer feel completely drained or like a mombie (thats a mom/zombie if you didn’t know). I feel human again!!

One of the ways I wanted to start caring for myself again was whiting my teeth because let me tell you for some odd reason pregnancy did a NUMBER on my teeth. I had to think about where to start. I couldn’t go to the dentist because that could end up costing WAY too much and lets be honest this mama isn’t trying to go broke for some white teeth. So I went to the store and got those strips you see everyone talking about and I tried them out. Little did I know that it was going to be an awful experience! Of course my teeth started to get a little whiter but not much. On top of my teeth not getting that much whiter they actually started to get sensitive (which i’ve never had a problem with) so I stopped using them and looked for other options. Thats when the super awesome people from Smile Brilliant reached out to me and offered me a kit to try at home. I was super nervous not just because my last whitening experience was AWFUL but also because if never done something like this and I was scared it wasn’t going to work. LET ME TELL YOU those nerves were quickly dismissed once I started working with smile brilliant. Whitening with their system is so easy and the best part it actually works and doesn’t hurt my teeth!

You might be wondering why I love smile brilliant’s whitening kit so much? Well for starters the brand makes is super user friendly by sending you all the steps you need to follow so that you have a great experience! The problem I had with the strips is they slide everywhere and they hurt my teeth. With smile  brilliant thats not a problem because you receive custom made trays!

The first thing you do when you receive your kit through the mail is to create your impressions. I know it sounds a little intense but its actually really fast and easy! The kit comes with very detailed instructions on how to create your impressions and it also comes with a handy little envelope to send your impressions back. Once you get your custom trays in the mail you are golden and you kiss your stained teeth goodbye!

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My Before and After:

Another way I take time for myself is doing one thing for myself a day. Whether that is taking an extra long shower, meditating, going horse riding, doing my hair, or just getting up a couple minutes before Kingsley so I can compose myself. This has helped so much with my mental health! For awhile I found myself in a slump. I was constantly feeling down which in return made me struggle to be the best mom I could be for Kingsley. TAKING TIME FOR YOURSELF AS A MOM ISNT SELFISH! IT’S IMPORTANT! Without taking time for yourself and making sure you are being taken care of will help how you parent as well.

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